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Welcome; friends and companions, to Sons of Ro!
We are a guild made up of mature adults with a diverse set of backgrounds.  Some of us have been playing MMOs together for over a decade and others are recent comers to the MMO world.  While there are many aspects that bind us together; our sense of community, friendship, and loyalty top the list.  We actively seek others who share these ideals and value them more than a 'level' or a 'class'.  At the end of the day; its the person behind the character that is important.

While our combined MMO experience covers a wide variety of games; our primary focus is on progression raiding in Rift, an MMO offered by Trion.  We do; however, maintain an awareness of other offerings within the MMO industry.  We are frequently involved in beta trials of new offerings and; when NDAs permit, write reviews on them.

We explore all aspects of game-play from crafting, to quests, to PvP, to instances, to raids, to light role-play.

We invite you to visit our forums for additional information and to introduce yourself!

Yours in Service,

Guild News

Keeping the Forums Clean

Pandorian, Sep 25, 14 7:21 PM.
In order to keep the forums clean from the spam-bots (imacri, quiesel; or something like that).  I've changed the NWO forums and general forum to member only.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

A Moment of Silence

Aethilgar, Jul 16, 12 11:37 AM.

It is with a heavy heart that I must ask you to take a moment of silence as you go about your day to remember our dearly departed friend; Akylios.

Akylios has been with us a long time, we've experienced many highs and lows with him, but you could always count on him being there for us week after week after week.  It's hard to remember a time when Aky; or Squid-face as we'd affectionately call him, wasn't there for us.

And now he's gone.

Akylios was a both a goal and an obstacle.  He has brought out the worst in people and the absolute best.  I remember a time when friends left our company to spend more time with Akylios (*cough* and be carried by guilds that had been downing him for months *cough*).  But, more recently and more importantly, I will remember how those of us who stayed, recruited, rebuilt, and remained stalwart friends and companions defeated him.  Further, I will remember those who have recently joined the Sons of Ro and strived with us all together to move forward.  I thank you.

But let us not fail to remember Akylios... and his weekly relic offerings... which will help propel us through ID and beyond.  So, thank you, Squid-face!

Now... anybody for calamari?  Nom nom nom nom!

(That all said; when you boil down the time that we actually spent on this boss... it was very, very little.  Well done, all!)

Yours in Service,


New Cleric Class Officer!

Aethilgar, Jun 23, 12 10:41 AM.

Allow me to take a moment to thank Rezolute for serving as our Cleric Class Officer.  He stepped up when we needed him to and has worked tirelessly to make Sons of Ro both a fun and accomplished guild.  Unfortunately, real life has stepped into fantasy and Rezo has stated that he no longer has the time to manage our clerics.  We would certainly not be where we are today without his generosity, patience, and perseverance.  Thank you, Rezo.  I'm extremely happy to hear that you will continue adventuring with us on into the future.  For, even above your efforts as our Cleric Class Officer, we value you much more as our friend.

Now, join me in congratulating Pandorian on his promotion into the role as Cleric Class Officer.  I know that you will do an excellent job at aiding our clerics in being the best they can be.  Well done! 

I would ask that all our raiding clerics please reach out to Pando to compare specs, rotation, gear, and such and to receive any new raid duties that he would like you to fulfill.

Yours in Service,


Drak Down!

Aethilgar, Jun 11, 12 11:52 AM.
Sons of Ro has seen unprecedented growth in recent days with our ranks swelling to over 35 raid capable members.  I'd like to take a moment to welcome all our friends, old and new, to the guild!  I look forward to working with each of you.  Please, let me know if you need anything or have any questions.  My door is always open.

I would also like to point you to our guild forums ( just that way => ) where you will find crafters, class builds, raid strats, and general chatter.  Feel free to introduce yourselves!

There is also a calendar ( its up there ^^^ ) where you will find many, many events to sign up for.  Look for more to be added in the near future!

And now, the headline news, Drak and his three miniboss friends met an untimely demise against the assembled Sons of Ro forces last night.  We finally reached the right mix of concentration, focus, and positioning to carry the day.  Congratulations to all who were involved in the struggle; well done!  That's 1/8 in ID now... and more to come!

Another Milestone Set!

Aethilgar, May 17, 12 2:16 PM.

Well done, Sons of Ro, on clearing the first 10 bosses in HK in 2.5 hours.  In one month’s time, we have gone from clearing 10 bosses in three raid nights to clearing 10 bosses in less than one!  This gives us extra time working on true progression in Infernal Dawn and more time on Akylios!  I’m very pleased with how well you are all doing.

And, in clearing bosses faster and consistently, comes gaining loot at the same rate!  Even raiders who have been with us for a month or less are gaining hexed drops.  First timer raiders are often skipping T1 raids and gaining boss drops out of HK and RotP.  Quite a huge step in the right direction, if you ask me!

I strongly encourage each of you to continue to put forth your best effort as we progress farther into Rift.  And, at the same time, be wary of progression burn-out.  Take a break… relax… get outside… spend time with family… read a book… toss a ball do your dog… play another game… Do whatever it takes to maintain a healthy, balanced state of mind and preserve your enjoyment of Rift.  After all; it’s our community that makes it worth while to log on in the evening.  Losing even one of you to burn-out diminishes the whole.

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